The patented design of Bitsuri Model IV embodies a standardized chassis platform for single board computers. Its rack size is 1RU EIA-310 standard 19”. The system has been tested and verified compliant with FCC part 15 rules for use in residential areas.

The chassis has a regulated step-down power converter allowing it to take 12VDC input on a 2.1 mm standard jack. Normal power usage is about 16 watts (idle 9W) with peak power usage at 25 watts.

Each host computer is running Raspbian Linux optimized for the single board computer. Adding Model IV to your network gives you four Linux hosts for background tasks such as VPN, NTP, DNS, DHCP, Apache Web server, etc.

Here are some other features:

• Ethernet switch on one host that can bridge four more hosts on a segment.

• No noise – Model IV runs silent and has no moving parts.

• A 12V DC adapter is provided along with three 1 ft. LAN patch cables.

• HDMI and USB ports connect to a primary host for console access.

• 64GB Micro SD card installed in each of the four single board computers.